Chemical industry

At MPA, we understand the dynamic challenges faced by the Chemical industry, which seeks to ensure the production of safe and efficient chemical substances. In our integrated approach, we combine the expertise of Electrical Engineering and Automation Engineering to provide comprehensive solutions.

From the conception of precise electrical projects to the assembly of customized control panels, our Electrical Engineering services establish a solid foundation to support chemical operations. We ensure a robust electrical infrastructure that meets the highest standards of quality and safety, essential for the regulated environment of the industry.

Simultaneously, Automation Engineering comes into play, optimizing chemical production processes. We implement industrial robotics, traceability and qualification systems, advanced vision systems, as well as specialized software for management and monitoring. This way, we not only ensure operational efficiency but also guarantee traceability and compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.

By combining these two disciplines, MPA offers an integrated solution that raises the standards of excellence in your operation, ensuring that each stage of the process is carried out with precision and effectiveness, contributing to the safe and sustainable production of chemical products.

Some solutions for this segment include:

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